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History :

In 1962, Henrique Mayer created the Guide Mayer : a record of all the ��Fine Arts�� auction results from the main international auction houses.It was soon to become an indispensable tool and a reference for art professionals and amateurs.

In 2001 the Luxembourg based Group ARTVALUE SA purchased the Guide Mayer.

Since 2004, the Guide Mayer has re-edited its annual issue, with the ambition of becoming a reference in the field of ��Fine Arts�� � auction results for all disciplines: painting, drawing, photography, print, sculpture and watercolour.

In 2007 the international Internet portal dedicated to art www.artvalue.com was launched, offering free and unlimited on-line access to auction results, illustrated with pictures from auction houses around the world.

The Guide Mayer's working method :

Information is meticulously collected from auction house catalogues around the world along with their associated auction results. The data is then submitted to our editorial expertise and a specific quality evaluation enabling us to offer optimal data exploitation to our customers on-line.

160 000 artists are referenced on our database and approximately 1 500 000 auction results have been collected since 1987, from an average of 900 international auction houses.

Our experienced team of writers work in real time to give you fast and reliable information directly on www.artvalue.com .

Distribution :

The Guide Mayer is widely represented throughout the world via multiple geographic channels  :
The CELF (Centre d'Exploitation du Livre Français - French Books Exportation Office),
the OPI (Office de Promotion Internationale - International Promotion Office).

Our Main Distributors are :
  • UK  : Hilmarton Manor Press.
  • Italy : Rizzoli Editions.
  • France & French speaking countries : Flammarion Editions.
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