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Evaluate by yourself the work of art you wish to sell or purshase with the Artvalue.com database.

How ?

4 steps : Search, Choose, Select, Evaluate.

1) Search by artist : Search the database for the artist(s) * whose work interests you.

* Certain works are not attributed. In this case, they can be referenced in
one of the following categories : 'workshop', 'circle', 'follower',
'attributed to' or 'school'. Others may be the result of a collective
effort, i.e.: Saint Phalle Nikki de, & Tinguely Jean.
Some are associated to schools, i.e.: 17th Century Flemish School,
2Oth Century French School, etc.
2) Choose by category : Choose Choose amongst the categories currently referenced on the database: painting, watercolour, drawing, print, sculpture, photography, etc. Then view the available corresponding auction results.
3) Select : Select auction results in the list according to specific characteristics (technique, measurements, subject matter, period...) corresponding with your interests, and save them in your evaluation basket.
A photograph of the art work may help you make your selection. If the photograph is not available, the title of the work may also be helpful.
4) Evaluation : Estimate the value of the art work selected in your evaluation file/basket within a clear price bracket. The different auction prices will enable you to create a price bracket comprised between the lowest price and the highest price found in the last 5 years, as well as an average price of the selected items which have been sold at auctions.
Warning : This auto-evaluation service supposes that the work of art is authentic, of irreproachable origin, undamaged and in good condition.
Advice : Artvalue.com aims to promote access to the art market to as many people as possible. For your own security however, we recommend the involvement of an art professional before any sale or purchase of a work of art. Auction houses, experts, specialists, merchants, galleries are all able to advise you on the best purchase, the best transaction opportunities as well as the most favourable date and place.
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